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NHS health marketing


commercial development

Marketing in the NHS is little understood.   It is seen as a tactic and not a function.

Whilst as a management function it should lead on strategy with commercial development as part of the function, it is generally part of tactical interaction by the communications department or it is farmed out to a junior manager with no marketing qualifications or experience.   In rare NHS Trusts you will find marketing and commercial development as one.

Marketing should lead strategic direction, business and commercial development, work with other services and departments to address patient (customer) needs and work in conjunction with the communications department and human resources on cultural change. Strategy, market analysis and its resultant output is critical in the retention of business and the strategic planning of service and business development and enabling winning tenders.

NHS Trusts have a bad record of winning/retaining services – it is a fair comment to say it is not a commercial culture. The government introduced “any qualified provider” giving access to others within the health economy opportunity to bid for NHS work. NHS Trusts have not the infra-structure, training, the co-ordination, collaboration and skills to deliver winning bids – this is a much bigger picture affecting culture.

There is a need in many NHS Trusts to embed commercial marketing transformation – to educate those across a trust to embrace a culture of collaboration in the production of professional tenders. At the highest level, to educate in the wider spectrum of patient centric marketing as behaviour within an NHS organisation. This also means establishing a culture supporting collaboration, the elimination of siloed working, co-ordination between directorate teams and partnership working which underpins NHS vision and values and the greater NHS plan.

The results speak for themselves and when successful this promotes a commercial culture with internal process which supports the success in bidding for tenders.   The bigger picture affects collaborative working across ALL directorates, cost savings in terms of resource and efficiencies through effective commercial policy and activities. Development of services aligned with the wider health economy are therefore, underpinned and informed by a thorough understanding of the health economy, trends and future strategy. At macro level, impact on Trust culture and direction.

After 10 years experience working with NHS Trusts preparing and implementing commercial strategy and developing commercial culture we are are pioneers in marketing and commercial development in the NHS. We have experience in:

- Market assessment
- Commercial marketing strategy development
- Programme management for NHS tenders
- Development of partnerships strategies
- Development of stakeholder strategies
- Bid writing support services

We have also carried out various tactical projects - for further information, please email or contact us for an informal discussion.




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Marketing  Transformation as part of the management process.

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